CCP Announces New EVE Online Art Director, Updates Work on Dominix

CCP has recently announced the new Art Director for EVE Online.  CCP Jorg introduced themselves as well as provided an update on the visual redesign of the Dominix.

As CCP Jorg stated,

“Once we got some breathing room to start on other projects, the Dominix quickly stood out as an obvious choice!  It´s by no means a new project, as the design created by CCP Caiman has been ready for quite some time.  Unfortunately workload pushed the actual creation of the asset back several times.  This is not unusual for us. We usually have some re-designs ready for a 3d artist to tackle when time frees up.

When redesigning the Dominix we thought about keeping the retro-feel of this old warhorse, so the silhouettes and base design aesthetics are quite similar to the original version. Now we finally have a small window to dive into this very much awaited project.  CCP Bluescreen is relentless these days building the asset and getting it ready for the texturing phase.  We are very excited to see the final version and it will hit your hangars in the upcoming release in August.”

For more information, we encourage you to read the dev blog in full at the EVE community website:

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