EVE University Celebrates Ten Years

EVE University logoToday marks a momentous date for EVE University as we celebrate our 10th birthday. Over the last decade we have seen many changes, but our core ideals and mission remain the same: to educate new players.

When people look at EVE University, they often think of the Directors, Managers, and Staff who work to educate students, but we are only an incredibly small part of the University’s success. Most of the credit lies with you, our students and alumni. Without you helping each other in chats, forums, fleets, classes, the wiki, etc… we would never be able to do what we do. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to all of you for what you have contributed to the University.

As we enter the next year of our history, there are some changes occurring within the University.

First, the lottery has been a massive success, giving us a nice amount of ISK to funnel towards student programs. The first new program we are launching is a reward for announced fleets leaving from Aldrat. Any FC who schedules a PvP fleet 24 hours ahead of time that leaves from Aldrat will receive 50m isk. This program will continue until the pool of ISK is depleted. We will be monitoring the program to ensure that it is not being abused. To claim your 50m, you merely need to fill in the normal fleet form located here.

Second, we are looking for some other ways to spend donated ISK to benefit our students. If you have a good idea, please submit it here. We will use this list to help brainstorm new and exciting programs for the University. Please try to create programs that will benefit some specific group of students in their education or support an activity in the University that might need help.

Third, our month long test of increased Sov Null access has been a success. We will be continuing it indefinitely. This means that anyone can lead a fleet into sovereign null security space for PvP purposes. Do not engage in PvE activities in Sov Null space, and do not participate in structure or sovereignty battles.

Fourth, our War Standard Operating Procedures (WSOP) will have another revision. We are removing all ship restrictions except those on supercapitals. Students may fly and lose whatever they wish. Remember, Don’t Fly What You Can’t Afford To Lose.

Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone that today is the beginning of our NBSI test in low security space. You are free to engage anyone that does not have a positive standing with the University. Remember that we would like to see this used for tactical advantages, not for massive gate camps. The outcome of this test could have implications for our future rules of engagement. Students are expected to maintain a sec status above -2 if they wish to keep titles, and above -5 if they want to stay in the University. If you drop below -5 you will be removed. I repeat, if your sec status drops below -5 you will be kicked as soon as we notice. DO NOT go below -5.

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