Extended Downtime and UI Update

Today on deployment day we were scheduled to return to our ships around 10:40.  However CCP has posted that they have had some minor issues and have since extended the downtime. Although we have no new time for it to go online we can however give you some additional information about the update.

Drone Management

CCP karkur posted on the Dev Blog yesterday that Drones are going to be getting some loving!  In Odyssey 1.1, you will now be able to launch any drone by dragging it from the drone bay and dropping it into space or onto the “Drones in Local Space” folder. You can also perform this same action for any drones in a specific group.


To recall the drones, you can drag individual drones or drone groups from the “Drones in Local Space” section and drop that them onto the Drones in Bay. While CCP karkur comments that they magically return to the drone bay… I am fairly confident that they will perform this action utilizing flight mechanics (hehehe). So while the actual rules on drones have not been changed a great method has been added to assist with the management of drones. Plus we have the introduction of a radial menu, watch list and more! Check out the Official Dev Blog post today!

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