Enter… Rubicon

Coming November 19, 2013

Many of you know from watching the TwitchTV livestream that the big announcement for the Winter Expansion of 2013 was Rubicon. Set for release November 19th, it will be bringing some changes and new additions to New Eden. So lets stop the intro and jump right into the details…

One of the first features that were announced was the announcement that Hi Sec Customs Offices will be introduced. This gives the power to tax the flow of resources harvested from planets in high security space directly to the Capsuleers. Additionally however new deployable Mobile Structures are going to be introduced. These transportable and temporary player-owned, mobile structures can be used to support industrial or wartime operations.


CCP did not finish with that however…  They will also be introducing Siphon Units which steal resources from moon mining and starbases.  To balance the Siphons anyone will be able to take from them. I am positive that many individuals are already thinking of the devious ways this can be deployed. Also keep in mind that it was stated these structures can be destroyed without Concord interference although it was mentioned you might get flagged.

CCP Rise and CCP Fozzy also announced Warp Speed Changes.  Essentially Warp Speed will now affect acceleration and deceleration.  While Tech One cruisers remain unchanged faster ships will be noticeably different to larger ships and larger ships would also be tweaked to a minor degree. The Freighters would also be modified for less warp acceleration but higher warp top speed.  (Hopefully i got that right… I admit it was a wee bit confusing.)

As for ships….

Interceptors will have bubble immunity.  This single point had more positive feedback then the majority of the remaining stream content.  To make up for this however CCP Rise stated they would be losing some HP and have a smaller cargo bay to minimize cyno capabilities.  Marauders head back to the shipyards for re-engineering, among other balancing changes while E-War Frigates and Light Interdictors get prepared for some improvements.

New faction ships from the Sisters of Eve will also be introduced with this latest update.



Keep checking back at www.eveuniversity.org for the latest news and updates as they are released.  Also make sure to check out the full release details on the Official Eve Online Rubicon webpage.

2 thoughts on “Enter… Rubicon

  1. That warp speed change is probably a bigger buff than anything else they could do to Interceptors. Since they have the higher warp speed than most frigates, they can get on top of the enemy faster.

  2. Unfortunately the Interceptor prices have already spiked because of it. :/

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