E-UNI Offers Students Subsidized Implants

Last January EVE University’s Training Manager, NorthCrossroad privately started and funded a program to subsidize +3 implants, which allow EVE players to learn skills at a faster rate, enabling them to pilot larger and shinier ships, or to use more advanced modules, offering them for 5 million each, for the benefit of the E-UNI members. Normally these implants cost at least 7-8 million ISK apiece and can go as high as 10 mil.

The program became very popular and greatly benefited the Unistas. Consequently, the E-UNI directors offered to directly fund the program and make it an official benefit to the corporation members.

“I was delighted that the UNI offered to take on the +3 implant program,” said NorthCrossroad. “I’ve been told by those who have taken advantage of this offer that it is the second-most appreciated benefit they’ve received from the UNI, right behind free skillbooks.”

Using this program, UNI members can purchase Basic-level attribute enhancer implants for 5 million ISK each – an effective discount of 30%-50% off market prices. NorthCrossroad will continue to administrate the implant subsidy benefit, but all funding will now come from EVE University’s wallet. UNI members can find more information on the program here.


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