Q&A with Ian Chisholm of Clear Skies

EVE University is proud to host a Question and Answers session with Ian Chisholm, the creator of Clear Skies and the man behind Captain John Rourke.

John Rourke, Captain of Clear Skies

Ian Chisholm is most prominently known in the EVE community as being the creator of the (to date) three Clear Skies short films – a machinima series based in the EVE Universe starring John Rourke and his crew.

The event will be held on Monday, 27th June 2011, at 19:00 UTC on the EVE University Mumble server. All Alumni and current students are cordially invited to attend and show your support for the series, and to pose any burning questions you may have for Mr. Chisholm.

For further details, see here.

Information on Clear Skies can be found here.

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