EVE University Test Flight in EON Magazine

EVE University staff had the distinct pleasure of featuring in the latest issue of EON Magazine, the official print publication to accompany the EVE Online experience.

EON Magazine

EON Magazine

The feature piece in question, Test Flight, focuses on fittings and uses for the many combat ships in the EVE Universe. Why would this be a resourceful asset you ask? Well, put simply, there are tens of thousands of fitting combinations that are useable. Thousands are used daily, and a handful are known as ‘cookie cutter’ fits – basically the best fits to get the job done.

It is the prevalence of cookie cutters that has led to casual name dropping of specific ships as ‘best use’. For examples, Rifters are frequently known as the best PVP tech 1 frigate in the game. Omens are known as a particularly difficult cruiser to fit and fly effectively. Hurricanes are known as particularly fast battlecruisers. The list goes on. However, that is not to say that the other variations out there aren’t good if fit right.

EVE University staff were initially approached to offer fits they felt would be useful to the community, with particular focus on the newer player, but not shunning the old one. And that is what we hoped to deliver, offering a wide variety of fittings (spread 1, spread 2) that new and young pilots alike can enjoy (EVE University CEO Kelduum Revaan was even kind enough to offer a tanked Hulk fit, for those who want to offer a surprising bite to would-be suicide gankers).

It is our hope that by providing these slightly different fits (some semi-popular, others not so much) we can inspire more thought into fittings and help you find what works for you as an EVE Online denizen, helping you achieve your goals, but more importantly, having fun along the way.

EON Magazine is planning to go digital very soon, but until then, the print version can be bought at major stockists, and of course from the EVE Online store, where subscriptions can be secured at a significant discount. Learn more about it here.

Special thanks to Kirith Kodachi for writing the excellent Test Flight article, and to EON Editor Zapatero for his assistance with producing this newspiece. EON Magazine operates a blog at eonmagazine.net where more of their excellent work can be read. They can be found on Facebook here.

5 thoughts on “EVE University Test Flight in EON Magazine

  1. Nicely written. Day after day I am continually suprised by how far the UNI’s influence and reputation spreads throughout the community, that such an article would be seen as something all eve player would be interested to read. Might actually have to buy the issue just to read those pages.

  2. The scan is too small, I can’t read it.
    I wanted that Hulk fit :-((

  3. Unfortunately for copyright reasons the prints couldn’t be any larger. If you really want to know the fit though, you should just ask Kelduum, or buy the magazine!

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