Pilot’s Perspective: Fun on Singularity Server



I recently wandered onto the Eve Singularity test server to relax and fly some shiny ships that I am admittedly too poor to fly on the Tranquility server. After the slightly lengthy but worthwhile update to the test client I was greeted by my character selection screen. I was a bit disappointed that the most recent mirror to the test server was before my new character portrait was finalized. Since the current mirror was a bit farther behind then I was hoping I wasn’t able to fly the ships I am now capable of flying.

I started roaming around killing random rats when I saw a few people from our beloved EVE University log on and start chatting about some PvP practice and how to coordinate it. This conversation piqued my interest quite a bit. As I don’t consider myself a god amongst mortals I thought I would join my fellow Unistas for some laid back PvP training outside a nearby station. I started out by flying some of my favorite cruisers like the Rupture and Stabber – let’s just say that it didn’t end end in my favor. I had decided to have some fun in a shinier ship so I hopped into a Cynabal and fit it up as best as I knew.

Undocking from the station, I noticed a few of the other combatants decided to do the same. My first duel was against a pilot trying out a Dramiel for the first time. I was ecstatic to have defeated him (I’m easily amused). My next opponent was a Curse – I almost soiled myself due to this ship’s reputation amongst the people I usually chat with. Unbelievably, I defeated this ship too (I almost fell out of my chair in excitement). Though I unfortunately found out that the player’s Key bindings weren’t loaded from Tranquility so his drones weren’t actually attacking me for half the fight. My head had gotten a bit large from these fights as I next moved on to fighting a Raven – this fight was a very good fight but didn’t leave my sexy beast of a faction ship in one piece.

During this session we had a few laughs learning new things about these ships we don’t see often, and what they were capable of. The greatest thing was that we could fit up a ship for a measly 2,000 ISK or so. Though only a few people were available to fight, I had picked up quite a few useful tips from the other pilots fighting around me. By the end of it I had started thinking about how cool this could be if we had gotten more people fighting. Since that day one of our fine mentors has hosted a few more of these sessions, unfortunately I haven’t made it back to them to see how things have changed or how many more people have joined the fun.

Whether you want to practice in some small gang packs, practice 1v1 with a buddy, or just enjoy blowing up people in a calm environment, I would strongly suggest you take a look into joining the PvP practice sessions on the test server with these other Unistas. I’ll definitely be logging back into there to try out some new things. I’m hoping to see some more people out there enjoying themselves while getting some practical experience in Eve’s PvP. Until then I salute you, o7.

Have you had any interesting experiences on the Tranquility or the Singularity server lately? Share your story with us!

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