The Dust Settles On Another War

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – Spirits are high this week as the end of a nearly four week long period of intermittent war is coming to a close, and students and staff at Eve University are returning to their daily routines.

Tension was high in the Yulai system where a diplomat representing the University waited patiently outside the offices of the Commerce Assessment Department (CAD), a subsidiary of the Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command (CONCORD). However, representatives of The Last Crusade failed to show up before the appointed time limit, and after the initial envoy’s brief cheering, quick FTL messages were sent back to Aldrat to alert CEO Kelduum Revaan of the news.

Outerrim Jobs [FLAPZ]

ILN Warheroes: Admiral Ubercado (L) and Ensign Demonization (R)

ILN Warheroes: Admiral Ubercado (L) and Ensign Demonization (R)

This news comes just days after corporation Outerrim Jobs canceled their declaration of War on the University, after a brief few days of bloody battle – far contrary to the ‘cold’ wars that analysts had been predicting. On 01.15.YC113 the corporation Black Fury, now part of the Outerrim Jobs alliance, declared war on Eve University. Historians were stunned, as Black Fury had previously declared war on Eve University on 01.15.YC112 – exactly one year earlier. That war had ended in three days after a resounding Eve University victory.

This years combat was no less rewarding for the Ivy League Navy (ILN), the military branch of Eve University. Proceedings were opened by a multi-pronged covert assault against Eve University, which was repelled. The tone of the engagement was rapidly sobered for Black Fury, as less than two days in they suffered their first casualty – a ‘Manticore’ class stealthbomber.

Ensign Demonization was heralded as the hero of the hour, having scored the killing blow. He was briefly available for comment. “What happened was, three of them warped to us at around 70km,” he said to us, excitedly regaling the tale. “Before they could even get a shot off though I had locked on one of them and finished him off in a single salvo. By the time my gunnery crew reloaded my cannons, the remainder had turned tail and fled.”

“This was not the end of the war though,” a confidential source told us. “Lt. Commander Zeroniss had a strong intel source and decided to follow up the lead. She led an ILN flotilla to the Uedama system, where an enemy ‘Absolution’ class ship was engaged. It managed to escape to a neural station after suffering critical damage, and the Commander ordered us to hold positions around the system, locking it in.”

The operation, though without kills, did take it’s own toll upon Black Fury, as several of their members, adhering to accepted rules of surrender, dropped their membership of the Black Fury corp and ceased all hostilities to the University. Lt. Commander Zeroniss was unavailable for further comment. However less than a day after this blockade of the Uedama system, Black Fury once more formally files a retraction, ending their war in under five days.

The Last Crusade [TLCI]

Initially declaring war late last year, The Last Crusade have become prominently known around Aldrat for their use of hit and run tactics, employing ‘Dramiel’ class frigates in multiple operations.

Initially faced with an acute shortage of supplies and equipment to deal with this kind of a threat, the ILN were caught offguard, losing several frigates. When The Last Crusade renewed their war against Eve University, the ILN were far more prepared, having created specialized tactics to effectively counter the threat.

Celebration was widespread when Admiral Ubercado, demonstrating the potency of the new tactics, undocked and fired a single salvo at a TLCI Dramiel, destroying it completely. This action opened the door on ILN tactics, and a sudden shift occured, taking the fight on the offensive, forcing TLCI ships to remain docked for much of the duration of the war. The greatest toll of the war befell The Last Crusade when one of their pilots undocked an Apocalypse class battleship – right into a waiting ILN ambush.

“It was a slaughter,” commented Lieutenant Xolani1990, the position commander at the time. “I positioned my troops around the Caldari Business Tribunal station in Aldrat, blocking off immediate exit paths. The plan worked, as the Apocalypse, fit for ranged combat, fell right in our laps, along with a Rifter.”

War Efficiency

With the wars of New Eden often calculated according to the loss of resources, we approached an agent from the Commerce Assessment Division of CONCORD for commentary on the events. “The wars were resoundingly in Eve University’s favour,” commented Hansard Kain, a senior analyst. “This news is surprising due to the advantages that the respective combatants had technologically, but alas often such is not enough in the face of sheer numbers and firepower.”

“Calculations for the war against Black Fury was very easy. At a war declaration cost of 100 million ISK, and further ship losses of 38 million ISK, they were the clear losers, with the University losing no ships, thus scoring a perfect 100% efficiency, a marked improvement from their previous engagement with the same corporation last year.”

“The efficiency where The Last Crusade is involved is a little more complicated, as they broke their engagement up into two portions, however considering their intention was for a prolonged conflict, citing personal reasons for renewing a few days late, it is prudent to determine that this was a single conflict. Their war declaration costs tally at 200 million ISK. Further, their kills tally at a meager 1.25millionĀ  ISK, part of which includes the loss of an unmanned training ship.”

The training ship, often referred to as ‘noobships’ was an abandoned piece of equipment floating in the Hek system. When asked why they had chosen to shoot unmanned ‘noobships’, The Last Crusade representatives chose not to comment. Hek System Administration Authorities were grateful, however. “We accrue an obscene amount of waste in the Hek system on a daily basis, owing to our industrial facilities”, commented Councilman Doril Vorillian. “We would like to thank Morefious of The Last Crusade [TLCI] corporation for his small contribution towards keeping our space lanes clean.”

“Again the numbers speak for themselves,” said Mr. Kain, once more referring to the figures. “Eve University destroyed 343.2 million ISK worth of The Last Crusade’s assets, and with the war declaration costs included, that brings the total to 543.2million ISK. That brings Eve University’s efficiency to 99.999% recurring.”

“It would be higher,” Mr. Kain said, smiling, “but unfortunately CONCORD standard issue calculators only give figures to three decimal places.”

And there you have it. Two wars, fought in quick succession. Tired they may be, but the ILN stands firm, undefeated, and the daily business of Eve University goes on unhindered.



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