Eve Uni Nibbles at Gummi Bears

After a bruising tripartite war against the Seppuku Warriors, RAYPE, Inc., and Sharks With Frickin’ Laser Beams, most E-UNI pilots simply wondered who would be next to wardec the Uni, assuming that next war would come soon. Few were surprised to see a new declaration 3 days after the cessation of previous hostilities, but nobody anticipated the declarant.A new corporation, Adventures of the Gummi Bears (AOGB), was quick to bribe CONCORD to ignore the Yulai Convention. Based in the nullsec system 37S-KO, AOGB lists but 7 members on the corporate roster, fueling speculation inside the Uni as to both the severity of the threat and the reasons for the declaration. Many assumed the declaration was intended to “grief” the University, while others have asserted that some prime mover is funding the continual declarations of war fro behind the scenes. Hypotheses abound, but evidence is scarce.Click the “Read more” link to continue.

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