Wars and Eve University

Heres the thing… we don’t dislike wars, they are good for training PvP, and allow the new pilots to let out some aggression.However, very few corps can fight like E-UNI does and there are some basic reasons why we can’t ever actually lose a war:1. We can field 100+ man fleets without much trouble.2. For the new players, if they die or not is irrellivent – being on the killmail of a T2 BS is glorious.3. For the vast majority of our members, new clones are either free or very very cheap.4. The University replaces many ships lost in fleet operations.5. Our members learn very fast, and from each others experiences – not just their own.In short, our members are organised, bloodthirsty and fearless, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. They get killed, they learn from it, and come back stronger and better, over and over again. Some people don’t realise this, and declare war anyway. Shame, really, as they often end up spinning their ship in a station, and would have been better not starting the war.

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