About Eve University

EVE University is a neutral, non-profit training corporation in EVE Online that exists to train new players in the basics of life in New Eden. Founded on March 15, 2004 by Morning Maniac, the University continues to uphold a strong reputation through previous wars, robust management, knowledgeable graduates and instructors, and quality students. The heart of the corporation resides in teamwork through wars, events, and cooperative help in the chat channel.

EVE University Declaration of Principles

All capsuleers have an unrelenting desire for more;
more strength, more space, more ISK, more power.

Many will take from others; without hesitation or mercy, without compassion or regret.

Every day new capsuleers are born. But New Eden is a harsh place, and many are unprepared.

In YC 105, one man recognised that ‘more’ did not have to be the only objective;
that these new pilots are important, and enabling knowledge is worthwhile.

That man was Morning Maniac, and he founded a corporation,
EVE University, under entirely altruistic principles.

He created a place to learn, a place to teach, a place where the person
is more important than the skillpoints, and ‘more’ is not the driving force.

With its members freely teaching each other, they benefited from each other’s experience.
Many moved on, but not before they imparted the knowledge they had gained.

And as the word spread and members passed through the corporations doors, it became something else.

What once was a small corporation has become a community, transcending all
language, cultural and regional barriers, with alumni all over New Eden.

It had become something that will endure until the last of the stars goes dark.

Here, gathered under a common cause, we agree to recognise that together, as a community,
we can teach those new generations of capsuleers.

Together, we can prepare them better than any guides or agents can.

Together, we can give them the best start possible, without limiting their options.

Together, we can instil in them the skills needed not only to survive, but to be successful.

We do this not for power, or influence, or money.

We do this because we too recognise that ‘more’ does not have to be the solitary goal.

We do this because we are EVE University

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