Communication System Overhaul Complete

Aldrat, Metropolis – The 26th of January YC 113 saw the launch of a new communication system within Eve University. Capsuleers are calling it “Mumble” and are beginning to sing its praise even after such a short time in active service. During its rigorous testing it is said there were some minor technical issues with University students being unable to get the system to function properly, these have since been fixed.

EVE University Satellite Clusters

Eve University Satellite Clusters

The system was also fully stress tested to see how it performs under pressure of large numbers of students using it during wartime, when electronic-warfare is widespread. Reports show that it passed all these tests with flying colours and the University technicians have ironed out all issues which have so far appeared with unquantifiable gusto before letting it enter active service.

The new system is reportedly vastly superior to the aging technology which it has replaced. It includes increased integration into a Capsuleers visual systems while aboard a ship with the name and photograph of who is speaking being displayed in an unobtrusive manner.

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Need To Know Basis…

Rushing through the maze of corridors in the bowels of PTS, I wondered what I had done to be summoned to the Mining Office. Had I mined someone elses claim… don’t think so. Run my hauler during times of war…definitely not. As I came to the bulkhead, i squared my shoulders and said to myself, “Whatever you did, be contrite, pay your fine, and get out of there in one piece.” Knocking on the hatch, one word emitted: “COME!uh-oh…

The scene was astonishing. I had been in the mining office only once before, and while it wasn’t as fancy as the the station bridge, it was neat and organized. But not this time. Where the Mining Director’s desk SHOULD have been was wild piles of papers, with tiny wisps of smoke wafting from behind it…drawers were open all over the office, and papers were skewed and half pulled out everywhere. What the H…

“Secure that hatch…and have a seat.”

Secure hatch, Aye…sit…aye…

Suddenly the piles of papers slid off the side of the desk and into the waste basket, and Zralltori’s dejected face became visible across from me. He seemed unfocused, almost…deranged.

“Don’t ever take a manager’s job if you can help it. One second you’re running the Aldrat-Hek pipe with a bay full of rocks…and now…this!” He waved his hand around the room. “Cost reports…Loaner requisions…mineral surveys… It’s enough to drive a man crazy!”

I weakly cleared my throat. “Gorl Abris, reporting as ordered…”

He stared at me…but for some reason, it felt like he was staring through me…”Abris…Abris…” finally he seemed to focus in on my face, and his features brightened. “Gorl Abris! just the man I wanted to see.” He spun in his chair, and as he went around, he grabbed a paper from a stack behind him. He studied the report a minute, then looked me directly in the eye.

“Well, son, you have been busy lately…” Oh man, was I in for it now. I quickly tried to run the past week back in my head, trying to figure out what I had done to cross the Mining Manager of one of the biggest and best teaching institutions in all of New Eden…

“I see here you’ve been in on 5 mining ops this week alone…impressive.” He looked me up and down, like he was trying to decide on something.

“I assume you’ve heard of …The Curse.” The Curse, who hadn’t…Every time an Official mining op was planned, a rival corporation would declare war on the university JUST before the op went active…It was the one reason for spike in mineral prices in the region.

“Well, I’ve been manager for exactly one week, and my first order of business, well AFTER organizing…this,” he waved his arm around the room, “is to crush this curse once, and FOR ALL!” With the wild smile on his face, i wondered if I had not done something wrong, but something too right.

“And with your experience and contacts, you are gonna help me do it.” While it was true I knew most of the rockhounds on the station, mostly by buying them drinks after successful endevours, I wondered what I could do to help him…

“But sir, how can I …”

“Don’t say another word, boy, and let me let you in on the details. Now I know, only the mining manager can call an “Official” mining op…but my plan is perfection in it’s simplicity…We’re not gonna have an “Official” mining op this week. We are going to have an “UNoffical/official” mining op, and by the time our rivals get wind of it…We’ll have our cargo bays full and be drinking at the bar! HA!”

“But sir, where do I come in?”

“As I said, only I can call for an official mining op, but if i do then it’s…official. What I want you to do is spread the word to all the regulars; Thinkerbolt, LeighClements, Zed,  Westgate, Kivena, Raven,  Orielly, every rockhound you’ve ever bought a beer for, and get them organized for a MASSIVE op…I’m talking multiple belts cleared, son… And whatever you do, keep it to just the miners…we’ll keep everyone else on a need to know basis. I trust all our miners, but someone has been leaking our plans to our enemies, and I want this to HAPPEN…and I want it to be EPIC!

I was floored. Zralltori was trusting me with organizing and running an epic mining op for him? “But sir, I certainly couldn’t run such a huge operation…”

“Oh, you won’t be RUNNING the op, son. I just need you to spread the word, and seeing as you spend ALMOST as much time in the bar as you do your cockpit, I figured you would be perfect to get the word to all the regulars. No, you’re much too inexperienced to run an operation of this proportion…No, I’LL be running this shindig! It’ll give me some time away from my…office, and out where my heart still lies, in the belts!”

To Be Continued…

The Dust Settles On Another War

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – Spirits are high this week as the end of a nearly four week long period of intermittent war is coming to a close, and students and staff at Eve University are returning to their daily routines.

Tension was high in the Yulai system where a diplomat representing the University waited patiently outside the offices of the Commerce Assessment Department (CAD), a subsidiary of the Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command (CONCORD). However, representatives of The Last Crusade failed to show up before the appointed time limit, and after the initial envoy’s brief cheering, quick FTL messages were sent back to Aldrat to alert CEO Kelduum Revaan of the news. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery Craze Sweeps New Eden

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS — In the past week an unprecedented plastic surgery craze has swept New Eden, leaving many onlookers unable to recognize formerly well-known capsuleers. Some reports point to a new Jovian technology capable of resculpting clones. Jovian or not, the technology’s use has skyrocketed among New Eden’s rich and famous, including corporate mavens, royal heirs, and capsuleers.

When reached for comment capsuleers expressed delight with the ability to alter their appearance. Some pilots sported full heads of hair after years of baldness. “I used to wear a black hood to hide my beak-like nose,” said one Amarrian holder. “Thanks to CCP I’m now a finalist on Amarrian Idol.” Other capsuleers have been more circumspect, with one Eve University manager referring to “a terrible and life-altering accident in his pod”. Continue reading

The Cost Of War

HEK, METROPOLIS – Many know Hek as a bustling forward-trading system, serving as an integral halfway-house between Jita and Rens. A bustling local economy in itself, one of Hek’s primary claims is to being one of the primary supply sources for Eve University. The recent spate of wars, however, had changed things significantly.

“To be honest we’re caught between a rock and a hard place,” trader Willis Burkin told us as he locked up his wares-hangar in at the Boundless Creation owned Industrial Station orbiting Hek VIII. “We relied heavily on the students and teachers drawing their campus supplies from Hek. But we’ve slowly been throttled by the war.”

Mr. Burkin is referring to the prolonged war that Eve University has been engaged in against The Last Crusade [TLCI], coupled with the newest combatants on the field, Outerrim Jobs [FLAPZ]. Because of the protectionist nature of Eve University policy and the iron hold of the Ivy League Navy in the Aldrat system, the flow of trade traffic has been brought to a standstill. Traders are unable to take their wares into Aldrat, and Aldrat-based traders are no longer reaching to their nearby comrades in Hek for supplies. Continue reading

E-UNI Unveil New Recruitment & Titles Systems

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS — Eve University announced a new recruitment system today, citing a large increase in popularity and applications over the past year as having overwhelmed the old one.

The new system has been designed to cut back on the amount of bureaucracy and red tape that currently sees a single interview taking upwards of an hour. Decisions about applicants will now be based primarily on the contents of their questionnaire, alongside the usual background checks. Details of the new process can be found on the University wiki.

“The wait times for interviews have grown to completely unacceptable levels,” commented E-UNI Director of Personnel Darian Reymont. “We’ve been struggling with the issue for months but nothing we tried could get the old system to do what it needed to do. In the end we accepted that it simply wasn’t designed to handle the demand we now face and with that in mind, we quickly got to work on a replacement.” Continue reading

Pator Tech School Sees Action

PATOR TECH SCHOOL, ALDRAT – Residents and visitors aboard the station were briefly awakened when a short firefight broke out in its near vicinity. Station regulars sighed and shook their heads as stray shots hit the station shields, causing minor tremors to pass through the station.

“We’re bloody used to it now,” said Kelgar McCreedy, as he cleaned a new spirit shot glass. The vibrations passed through the station at roughly 2330 HRS. McCreedy’s establishment, McCreedy’s Tavern, was still catering to patrons at the time, causing minor chaos when drinks were tipped and spilled, causing a brief fight that resulted in Station Security being called in. Continue reading