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Pilot’s Perspective: Fun on Singularity Server

by on 2011.04.20, under Meta, RP



I recently wandered onto the Eve Singularity test server to relax and fly some shiny ships that I am admittedly too poor to fly on the Tranquility server. After the slightly lengthy but worthwhile update to the test client I was greeted by my character selection screen. I was a bit disappointed that the most recent mirror to the test server was before my new character portrait was finalized. Since the current mirror was a bit farther behind then I was hoping I wasn’t able to fly the ships I am now capable of flying.

I started roaming around killing random rats when I saw a few people from our beloved EVE University log on and start chatting about some PvP practice and how to coordinate it. This conversation piqued my interest quite a bit. As I don’t consider myself a god amongst mortals I thought I would join my fellow Unistas for some laid back PvP training outside a nearby station. I started out by flying some of my favorite cruisers like the Rupture and Stabber – let’s just say that it didn’t end end in my favor. I had decided to have some fun in a shinier ship so I hopped into a Cynabal and fit it up as best as I knew. more…

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