Faces of EVE University: Santa Kingswell

Gather round Unistas and settle in, as tonight we have a Christmas tale like no other.

I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with EVE’s very own Santa Kingswell!

Auron Delarnu:
Santa, it’s an honour to get the chance to interview you and thank you for taking time out of your schedule, especially at what I imagine is your busiest time of year!

Q: When reading the History of Earth, It is stated that Santa lived at the North pole, wore lots of red and had a white beard. Given the new looks; are you the same Santa or a relative? And where do you operate from nowadays?

Santa Kingswell:
Oh well, those were the old days. Very old days indeed…before the jump through the Wormhole to New Eden. Before the Collapse of the Edengate. I was around back then on old Earth!

But with mankind reaching for the stars, I had to evolve my operation as well. In today’s day and age my operation – or shall I say corporation – is located in Polaris.

And in regard to my appearance – let’s just say that Mrs. Clause had a few discreet words with me, and changes were made. 

Auron Delarnu:
Q: Obviously you have a fantastic ride that must have been upgraded to reach incredible speeds, to be able to deliver all the presents in one night, to thousands of planets. If you had to trade it in for something from the ship tree what would you pick and why?

Santa Kingswell:
Well nowadays a Sleigh drawn by Reindeer just won’t do. I can not share the secret of my upgraded Sleigh – or should I say Sleighs. But If I had to pick an ordinary ship, I would probably choose a fleet of Cranes, piloted by myself and my trusty elves.

Auron Delarnu
Q: Regarding the need for speed, is that why you have reached out to the University, to help make sure everyone gets something for Christmas?

Santa Kingswell:
Oh, it was an easy choice for me. I do deliver my gifts all over the universe and I wanted to make sure to also reach Capsuleers and not just ordinary planetary citizens of all nations. And where would it be easier to reach a high number of deserving Capsuleers from my ‘nice-list’ than Eve Uni?

Auron Delarnu:
Q: Presumably manufacturing is a big part of your EVE life but when you do have some down time what do you like to do in game?

Santa Kingswell:
Yes indeed, manufacturing and research play a big role. But to round it all off I and my elves like to explore in our special cloaked ships. This allows us to make up our naughty and nice lists throughout the year!

Auron Delarnu:
Q: With you being witness to all of EVE’s history, you have seen everything from the birth of EVE Uni all the way through to its current day. What are your thoughts on how the Uni and the wider game itself have evolved?

Santa Kingswell:
Oh, I mostly keep to myself and my operation but just from my numbers I can see that Eve Uni is thriving with good and wholesome Capsuleers. With every year my ‘nice’-list gets longer and longer and my ‘naughty’-list shorter and shorter, with this year reaching peak numbers! This is a happy development for me. 

As for the entirety of New Eden? I would not dare to offer judgment on it all but there are many good Capsuleers out there that spread joy and cheer, that look out for each other and offer help where it’s needed. 

Just to name two concrete examples: 
A person stranded in a dark Wormhole might find a container left by others to Signal the way back into known space. 

Someone struggling can literally Broadcast for Reps and find others willing to help.

It is examples like these that show me that – even in dark times – there is light in New Eden.

Auron Delarnu:
Q: Further to that, with the changing of the guard (so to speak) in a new CEO for the Uni, what do you predict for the coming year of the Uni, and are both Jilokari Kurvora and Laura Karpinski on your naughty or nice list?

Santa Kingswell:
I am unable to predict the future, but as I said my numbers are looking good. So, if the trend continues as it has the past few years, I see some bright and cheery Christmases ahead of EVE University.

As for young Laura and Jilo, well I can tell you that both of them do write to me each year and, whilst they both have a little bit of a naughty streak – especially that Laura -, so far, I have visited them every year.

Auron Delarnu:
Q: In my historical readings, it mentioned that traditional offerings were left out as last-minute bribes for you. What sort of offerings are left out for you now?

Santa Kingswell:
Oh, I do distance myself from the word ‘bribes’! I see it more as goodhearted little gifts in the spirit of Christmas! This tradition has not changed much over the years, I still get cookies and milk left out to strengthen me during my long working night and a few young ones try to write especially convincing letters.

Auron Delarnu:
If I may, I would like to do a quickfire round with you? 

Q: Let’s start easy, what’s your favourite colour?
– The bright blue of the nebulas of Polaris. 

Q: Are you magical or technologically advanced?
– A little bit of both. One has to move with the times.

Q: True or false – the Elves are really vat clones?
– False.

Q: Which is better – speed or cargo space?
– The right combination of both.

Q: True or false – you’re not delivering to the Triglavians?
– I cannot divulge this information.

Q: Are you a Graduate of the Uni?
– I have graduated from several universities back in my younger days on Old Earth.

Q: What has been your favourite event this year?
– EVE Uni’s secret Santa, but I might be a bit biased.

Q: And finally, if you could receive any gift what would it be?
– The nice letters I receive are my personal gifts.

Auron Delarnu:
Q: With this year’s Secret Santa well under way, are there any messages from our members that have particularly stood out to you and why?

Santa Kingswell:
Several. Whilst I cannot share specific insights into the event, I take my greatest joy in reading the messages people send to me and their secret Santa’s after receiving their gift.

To give you some anonymous quotes from some of these:

“(…) For Bob’s sake! Why did you make it so wonderful!?”

“(…) It is so beautiful. I don’t know who you are secret Santa…but it brought tears to my eyes.”

“(…) You succeeded in making me laugh, a lot.”

Messages like these spread that warm and wholesome wintery spirit I do so cherish.

Auron Delarnu:
Q: Any final message for all the Unistas at this festive time?

Santa Kingswell:
Wherever you are I hope you find cheer and joy in the coming days. Especially with a turbulent past year do not forget that there are people out there who you can count as your friends (even if they sometimes shoot at you :)), people who are here for you and accept you the way you are. Fly safe. 

Auron Delarnu:
Thank you, Santa, and good luck on Christmas eve (and EVE ;))

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