Kelon Darklight Victorious

In an amazing string of battles, Kelon Darklight’s team has emerged with a perfect 5-0 record from the latest rounds of the Amarr Championships.

He will be one of the two finalists competing at fanfest to determine the next Amarrian Emperor.

Join me in congratulating him and his team for a tremendous performance.

Kelon Darklight Victorious in Round 1

In the first round the the Amarr Championship, Kelon Darklight’s team soundly defeated their opponent.  Their missile spewing legion made short work of the enemy confessors, leaving just the enemy legion to destroy. It put up a valiant effort, but eventually melted under the sustained dps.

Congratulations on the first win, and tune in at 19:00 at CCP’s Twitch for the next fight.

Cheer on Kelon Darklight

The Amarr Championships are coming, and one of EVE University’s own is participating.

The first round of fights begins on November 8th, with Kelon Darklight’s team fighting at 16:40 in the 11th match vs Chessur.

The match will be streamed via CCP’s Twitch. Make sure you tune in and watch.

More information about the Championships can be found here.